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Your sexual health

By QMResLife 29 Aug 2023

Take advantage of the resources and information QMUL provides.

Your sexual health is important so you'll need to understand how you can access the dedicated resources/services that are available to you. These services could be how to obtain contraception, STI (sexually transmitted disease) and HIV testing, as well as information on consent and any other related wellbeing support and advice. Keep reading to find out how you can keep yourself sexually healthy.

Contraception and safe sex

You can register for a ‘CCard’ and pick up free condoms from various local locations shown on the website. These locations such as the Ambrose King Centre can also provide contraceptive advice. A C-Card also allows you free provision of female condoms, lubrication, and dental dams. 

All East provide free and confidential sexual health and contraception services at their centres across East London. This includes emergency contraception if you are unable to get this from a pharmacy, you can book an appointment online. You can also request free regular and emergency contraction through Sexual Health London.

Where can I get free STI testing?

Sexual Health London also provides free and discreet STI testing kits which you return via post. If you would prefer not to self-test, you can visit an NHS sexual health clinic. This NHS page talks you through the process and helps you locate your nearest clinic. 

All East is one local clinic which provides sexual health check-ups, testing and treatment. 56 Dean St is a sexual health clinic that focuses on the needs of the LGBTQI+ community and provides a dedicated and holistic space. They provide specialist trans and non-binary services, STI testing appointments and kits, and HIV care. 

It is also important to make sure that you are registered with a GP. Information on how to register is covered in the 'Everything you need to know before you arrive' article.

Consent Matters

All Queen Mary students are encouraged to complete the online module, Consent Matters, on QMPlus. The purpose of this is to learn how to recognise and ask for sexual consent and respect boundaries, enabling healthy and positive relationships.

Sexual health support

Queen Mary recognises the importance of specialist and bespoke support for any individual who has experienced any form of unwanted sexual contact including sexual harassment or assault. Whether an incident was recent or not, we are here for you and can provide support.

Specialist support can be found on the Queen Mary Advice and Counselling page and the Help in a Crisis page.

Stay on top of your sexual health with these resources and keep checking our Wellbeing page for more on topics to take care of you.

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