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Residential Life

Introduction to the Residences Reception

By QMResLifeJoyce 30 Aug 2023

Who are we? 

A warm welcome from the Residences Reception Team! 

As one of the primary points of contact for all residents, we take pride in ensuring that your experience in halls is enjoyable.  Need assistance, have questions, or just want to chat? We are here for you 24/7.  

If you’re living in Aspire Point, Blithehale Court or Sherren House, your first point of call is the Reception in your building for any help or assistance you need.

Allow us to introduce ourselves: 

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graphical user interface, application

Amidst our team, there is a fur-tastic member who adds an extra layer of warmth- Queenie. Want to know more about Queenie? Click here

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How do we help you? 

We understand the smallest details can make a big difference to your stay, that’s why, apart from dealing with general enquiries, we also help residents with aspects such as: 

  • Provide a 24/7 first point of contact if you need help or assistance
  • Offering support resolving maintenance and cleaning queries
  • Informing you of scheduled building works to avoid disruption 
  • Reissuing lost keys and assisting with lockouts

We all hope you enjoy your time in halls and remember our doors are always open! 

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QMResLifeJoyce My name is Joyce and I’m a Residential Life Officer at QMUL. On the Mile End campus you’ll most likely find me in one of the coffee shops (old habits die hard), or at one of our Residential Life events across campus and beyond. Come say hi and have a chat!
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