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What Happens When You Contact Queen Mary Security?

By QMResLife 30 Jul 2022

Security is available 24 hours, 7 days a week to students in QM Residences.

However, the Security Staff don't just protect you and your halls, there are lots of other reasons you might need to contact them:

  • First Aid – Security Officers are First Aid trained and certified. They can also facilitate communication with emergency services.
  • Fire Safety – Security Officers continuously monitor thousands of smoke/heat detectors and emergency break glass units linked to fire panels. They respond to fire alarms and coordinate full evacuations.
  • Lift Entrapments - Security Service responds to situations where students may be trapped in faulty lifts and coordinates contractors who facilitate a safe release.
  • Mental Health – Security Officers receive regular Mental Health First Aid training and can offer caring assistance when needed.
  • Wellbeing – Out of hours, Security Staff are at the forefront of ensuring students’ physical and emotional welfare. 
  • Liaison with authorities – In an emergency situation, Security Service can help and support students in dealing with the authorities.
  • Lost Property – Security control rooms are the first place to contact for any high value items lost around QM campuses.

Whether it is someone stuck in a lift, a flatmate who injured themselves or a burning smell coming from another room – your call to Security Service can really make a difference and prevent an incident from developing into a full crisis.

So what happens when you contact QM Security Service?

  • Your call will be dealt with by a helpful and professional QM Security Officer.
  • You do not need to provide your name or student’s ID number – you can always remain anonymous.
  • Security Service employs both male and female staff members to address needs of the student population. You might also request to talk to Shift Security Manager if your case is sensitive or require added level of confidentiality.
  • All Security Service’s interventions are recorded in internal incident reports to allow continuous organisational improvement and adequate record keeping.
  • If you prefer to contact Security Service via e-mail, all Security Control Rooms have their own dedicated e-mail addresses.

If you ever do need to contact us, please make note of the below details:

Mile End

In-person: Visit the Security Control Room located on the ground floor of the Queens Building
By email:
By phone:  020 7882 5000   020 7882 3333 (emergency contact)

Whitechapel – Floyer House

In-person: Located in the main entrance of the Garrod Building
By email:
By phone:  020 7882 2599   020 7882 3333 (emergency contact)

Charterhouse Square – Dawson Hall

In-person: Located in the main entrance of Dawson Hall
By email:
By phone:  020 7882 6020   020 7882 3333 (emergency contact)

Aspire Point have their own dedicated security team on-site

In-person: Visit Aspire Point Reception for more information
By Phone:  07795 043828

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