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Stress Management webinar

By QMResLife 14 Apr 2021

With exams/assignment deadlines coming up, Tower Hamlets Talking Therapies is offering the opportunity to engage with a recorded webinar focusing on Stress Management.

This session will look at understanding your stressors as well as the fight or flight response to increasing understanding of what is happening in the body when stressed. Then there will be a focus on numerous techniques to support managing stress including the stress bucket, problem and emotion-focused coping techniques as well as relaxation.

To get access, you must be a resident or have a GP in Tower Hamlets and complete the form - it should only take a few minutes and the information you share is confidential and you’ll be given a link to the workshop immediately.

Tower Hamlet Talking Therapies have also developed another webinar that looks at Stress and Anxiety during COVID-19. You can find more about this here.  

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