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SIM-only deals that will save you money

By QMResLife 02 Oct 2023

Get the most minutes, texts and data for less!

Your phone is important. We all use them throughout our daily lives for staying in touch, navigating, and surfing the web. To make sure you get the talk time, data, and extra perks you want without spending too much, it's essential to pair your phone with a good network and SIM card.

If you're all about saving money, our top suggestion is to buy your phone outright and go for a SIM-only plan instead of locking yourself into a pricey 12 to 24-month contract. Yes, you'll have to fork out a decent chunk of cash upfront, but in the long run, you'll save even more, and you'll have the freedom to switch your phone network whenever you fancy (your future self will definitely appreciate it, take our word for it). Check out these awesome SIM-only deals we found online:

Giff Gaff - for everyone

  • Price (monthly) - £10.00
  • Texts - Unlimited (UK only)
  • Calls - Unlimited (UK only)
  • Data (5G) - 20 GB
  • Bonuses - 1GB of data reserved if you run out (after your third month of paying), flexible plan (change plan or cancel anytime) and use 5GB to roam in the EU.

Voxi - for the influencer

  • Price (monthly) - £10.00
  • Texts - Unlimited (UK only)
  • Calls - Unlimited (UK only)
  • Data (5G) - 15 GB
  • Bonuses - Unlimited social media use (using certain apps doesn't eat up your data), flexible plan and improved Wi-Fi calling.

Asda mobile - for the cheapskate

  • Price (monthly) - £5.00
  • Texts - Unlimited (UK only)
  • Calls - Unlimited (UK only)
  • Data (4G) - 3GB
  • Bonuses - Flexible plan and roam in 46 European destinations.

Virgin mobile - for the roamer

  • Price (monthly) - £9.99
  • Texts - Unlimited (UK only)
  • Calls - Unlimited (UK only)
  • Data (5G) - 30GB
  • Bonuses - Flexible plan, unused data rolls over into the next month, data-free messaging on Whatsapp, Facebook messenger and X (the app formally known as Twitter).

Vodafone - for the commitment

  • Price (12 months) - £8.00
  • Texts - Unlimited (UK only)
  • Calls - Unlimited (UK only)
  • Data (5G) - 25GB
  • Bonuses - Get exclusive offers on a variety of products and services with the VeryMe Rewards app.

It's important to keep checking for deals and adjusting your plan to get the best value as these deals were all sourced in September 2023. Happy phoning!

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