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Parks near campus

By QMResLife 20 Jun 2023

No matter the weather there are so many great parks right at your doorstep.

The nice weather has arrived meaning you're probably thinking about where the best spots are to park yourself or go for a little stroll in the sun. Well wonder no further, as we have the best parks which are right by campus (and even some food recommendations nearby too!).

Located less than 20 minutes walk away from the Mile End campus, Stepney Green Park is a solid option for a nice chilled picnic, the land isn't massive but it's flat and has some great sunspots. There's also the Stepney Farmers' Market every Saturday (10 am - 4 pm) adjacent to the park so if you time it right, you can grab some fresh produce and treats to take with you to picnic.

This is the closest park to the campus which is split into unique zones - The Sports Zone in the south has a lot of facilities including a stadium, skate park, basketball court, and more. The Play Zones (more for kids), Art Zone (art pavilion and lake), and the Ecology Zone (ponds, meadows and woodlands) are all available to explore. There's also a new outdoor gym and orchard that you can check out so you have a strong variety at your disposal.

Located in the heart of London, this is a popular space for a bit of exercise or a meet-up with your mates. It's one of London's royal parks meaning the history is protected and there are lots of free events hosted within its many acres. Open 5 am till midnight, there's a lake and a meadow and expect to see plenty of ducks. The park hosts a market every Sunday (10 am - 5 pm) where you can grab some produce or hot food as well, definitely worth venturing a little further out for this one.

London Fields (recognised with a prestigious Green Flag award), located in Hackney, is a well-loved park that has a rich history as a grazing site and a place for moving animals to market at Smithfield. It's a perfect spot for catching some rays as the park has expansive grassy areas that are enclosed by beautiful London Plane trees. It's right by Broadway Market too, which has plenty of stalls that pop up on Saturdays for food and drink as well as over 70 shops, cafés and restaurants open every day of the week.

More of an urban park but still lots to do and green spaces you can appreciate, the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park has a number of gardens (2012 Gardens, London Blossom Gardens, Park Meadows & Great British Gardens) which are all open to the public to chill in and suitable for a picnic. There's also a bunch of events on throughout the summer and the rest of the year which will be hard to pass up in the right weather!

So will you be heading out for some fresh air soon? Share with us @qmreslife.

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