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NOW OPEN: The Queen Mary Zero Waste Shop

By QMHalls 03 Feb 2022

Introducing Zero Waste Shop!

A brand new store is now open at the Mile End campus, where you can shop all your favourite store cupboard & household essentials completely package-free. Bring your own container, or pick up one in store, and pay by weight.

Get everything you need for living in halls, with none of the plastic, plus by being able to buy just what you need, you can save on waste and save money too! Designed in response to feedback from residents in halls last year, the new shop is the place to be seen when at the Mile End campus.

The shop includes a huge range of sustainably sourced, plastic-free and vegan products including;

  •   Vegan Pastries & Salads
  •   Baking & Cereals
  •   Bathroom & Household
  •   Vegan Sweets & Chocolate
  •   Vegan Cheeses, Milks & Drinks
  •   Dried Fruit, Nuts & Seeds
  •   Hair & Skincare
  •   Lifestyle & Stationery
  •   Herbs & Spices
  •   Store Cupboard Staples
  •   Rice & Pasta
  •   Oils & Vinegars
  •   Tea & Coffee
  •    Beans, Pulses & Lentils

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 10:30-5:30
Thurs: til 7:30 pm

Follow the new store using @qmzero on Instagram for all the latest updates!

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