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Residential Life

Meet the Residential Life Team

By QMResLife 01 Aug 2022

Hello from your Residential Life Team!

Making sure all students in Queen Mary Halls have the best time, stay safe and feel supported, the Residential Life Team are on hand. 

So you can get to know a little more about the team behind the scenes of your stay at QM halls, they have answered a few questions below. If you happen to pass them on campus or see them at events, do say hello! 


Name: Kimberly Eyre 
Role: Residential Life Manager. 
Hometown: Lapeer, Michigan, USA 
Time Spent at QM: 7 years  

Describe Yourself in 3 Words: Welcomes new ideas  
Favourite Thing to Do in East London / London: London Fields Lido 
What advice would you give first-year students? Success is relative and should be self-defined.  


Name: Tiana Dinard-Samuel 
Role: Residential Life Officer 
Hometown: Durham/Chelmsford 
Time Spent at QM: 4 years studying, 1 year working at the Students Union’, and now on my 6th with Residential Life! 

Describe yourself in 3 words: open-minded, creative, and chill! 
What is your favourite thing about QM? The diversity of the student body is amazing to see, there are so many people here from all over the world with all different backgrounds so it’s a great opportunity to learn from others and explore new cultures in the heart of London 
Favourite thing to do in East London/ London: Visit Victoria Park in the summer and eat at the food trucks there on a Sunday! 
What advice would you give to first-year students? Put yourself out there! Coming to uni for the first time can be intimidating and it can be easy to retreat into yourself or just stick to what’s comfortable, but you should use this time to take the risk and try new things and talk to new people that you might not usually and just see what happens! 


Name: Simon Barlow 
Role: Residential Marketing and Communications Manager 
Hometown: Rotherham, South Yorkshire where I was born; in London, Bellingham, Lewisham 
Time Spent at QM: A lot! 3 years as a student 1997 – 2000 graduating with BA in Geography (2.1) and 21 years as a staff member 

Describe yourself in 3 words: Dependable, thoughtful and caring  
What is your favourite thing about QM?  The fact I’ve met people from all over the world and can walk across campus and have a chat or a smile with so many people! 
Favourite thing to do in East London/ London:  I’m a great fan of Brick Lane for a night out followed by the 24-hour beigel bakery for snacks! 
What advice would you give to first-year students? Arriving at first you feel as though you’re receiving an information overload, trust it will calm down as you adjust to university. You will also make lifelong friends – take time out and enjoy your time getting to know QM, London and the world around you. It’s an exciting time and you’ll make memories you’ll look back on forever! 

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