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Do you know who you’re letting into your hall?

By QMResLife 31 Oct 2022

What is tailgating?

If you're unfamiliar with this term, Tailgating happens when you open a door with your own card but you then allow others to come through behind you without using theirs.

While holding a door open for somebody might be a polite thing to do, allowing an unknown person to the halls can have very serious consequences for the safety and security of all residents.

To ensure you, your fellow students and your belongings stay safe, here are some security tips:

  • Always lock your doors even when leaving just for a few minutes
  • Do not hold doors open for strangers
  • Rely on your intuition, if you feel suspicious about something or somebody, walk away to a safe location and report it to the Residences Reception or Security
  • If you feel intimidated or it feels awkward for you to challenge a stranger, allow them access to the hall but call Queen Mary Security immediately from a safe distance on 020 7882 3333 reporting their presence

They might all seem simple but they're important to remember to ensure your halls are safeguarded from potential tailgaters.

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