Having vacuum trouble?

Posted 1 year ago

Here are some tips on how to use vacuum cleaners in halls

Don’t worry, all vacuums are different. Whilst you may feel like you’re familiar with the general use of vacuum cleaners, the ones provided in halls work a little differently than what you may expect. Getting familiar with appliances you have not used before is always a great way to ensure you are using them safely and to avoid damage or prevent accidents from occurring. Watch the video below to learn how to specifically use the vacuum in your halls.


  • Place the vacuum back where you found it after use, so your flatmates can access it too.
  • Remove any hair and dust from the brush head after use.
  • Check for damage before using the vacuum (if any are present, please report them to the Residences Reception).
  • Empty the vacuum and clean the filter after use.


  • Run over the cord when vacuuming or pull the cord to move the vacuum.
  • Vacuum any liquids.
  • Use the vacuum if damaged.
  • Unplug the vacuum without turning it off.

If you have questions about using any appliances in halls or are unsure, you can email residences-reception@qmul.ac.uk. You can also find information about how to use kitchen appliances on the Residential Life website under the Halls Living tab.