Students' Union's Executive Officers

Posted 5 months ago

What are they responsible for?

The Students’ Union's six Executive Officers (also called Sabbatical Officers) are annually elected members of the union (for a maximum term of two years) who are paid full-time to represent students across the spectrum of experiences at Queen Mary. They are either current students who interrupt their studies or research, or former students who have just graduated.

The Executive Officer team is made up of a President and five Vice Presidents each responsible for their own area or communities, work on their own projects outlined in their election manifestos, and also lobby the university in a variety of spaces to enact policies that are voted in at Student Council (a committee made up of volunteer students called Part-Time Representatives).

The President

Vice President Communities

Vice President Welfare

Vice President Barts and The London

Vice President Humanities and Social Sciences

Vice President Science and Engineering

You can find out more about Queen Mary Students' Union and how you can get involved on their website.