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Where can I find support?

By QMHalls 29 Aug 2020

Student life can be tricky at times, learning to balance academic work with your social life and all that's going on around you may feel overwhelming at times. 

The first thing to remember is that it's completely normal to feel this way sometimes and many of your friends will also have times like this too. 

However, it's important to know that should you feel the need for support, there's a range of resources out there to help.

Course Support Officers 

How can they help? Every School and Institute has a dedicated student support contact who can offer advice on matters you feel may be impeding your ability to study. 

Where can I find them? For more information, including how to get in touch with your Course Support Officer, please visit

Residential Support Team 

How can they help? The Residential Support Team provide support and pastoral care to residents living in Queen Mary Halls of Residence and work closely with other departments to ensure your stay is a positive one. 

Where can I find them? The Residential Support team also work in partnership with the Queen Mary Security Team to provide out-of-hours support to residents. To get in touch, please visit the Residences Reception, email at or call 020 7882 6470

Advice and Counselling 

How can they help? Advice and Counselling provide a wide range of specialist, professional and confidential services to support students with financial, welfare, legal, emotional and psychological issues.

Where can I find them? For more information, including opening house and contact information, please visit


How can they help? Nightline are a confidential and anonymous listening and practical information service run by students, for students. All communication is confidential and the volunteers that operate the service are students themselves, who have undergone extensive training. Nightline operates from 6.00pm to 2.00am every night of term. 

Where can I find them? For more information on how to get in touch, please visit or call  020 7631 0101


How can they help? Togetherall offers support for a wide range of mental health and wellbeing issues. They offer anonymous and stigma-free support, provide self-management resources, information and advice as well as one-to-one online therapy sessions.

Where can I find them? For more information on including how to get in touch, please visit

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