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Try these TikTok foodie hacks

By QMResLifeEllie 04 Mar 2021

If you've fallen in love with TikTok during lockdown then you'll know how you can just spend hours and hours scrolling - exactly like we have!

So we thought we'd put our hours of scrolling into something useful - TikTok hacks that are low-key brilliant!

1. Whipped milkshake

You'll have probably seen or even tried the whipped ice coffee hack, well this is similar but milkshake.
All you'll need is to fill a glass with ice and milk then add 2 tablespoons Nesquick milkshake powder and half a cup of double cream (120ml) in a bowl and whisk until it's a nice fluffy texture. Place the whipped milkshake on top of the milk in the glass and there you go!

This is the perfect treat now Spring is upon us!

2. McDonald's mozzarella sticks

For these delicious cheesy bites, you'll need Babybels, eggs, flour and breadcrumbs (you can season your breadcrumbs however you prefer). First, roll the Babybel in flour, then in the whisked eggs, then cover in your seasoned breadcrumbs and finally deep fry them in a pan with oil.

Now we just need to know the secret to the Big Mac...

3. Sour sweets

If you're trying to be healthy but really craving some sweets, we've found how to make Sour Patch Kids from home.
This really simple hack only involves grapes and lime, you can either freeze your grapes (if you've never frozen your grapes before, try it, they taste so much better) or keep them fresh, cut them in half and squeeze lime juice over them.

It's as simple as that, trust us!

4. Oreo mug cake

Self-raising flour has been difficult to find during this lockdown but TikTok has supplied us with a mug cake that doesn't involve flour at all!
All you'll need is your favourite mug, Oreos and milk. Put 4 Oreos in your mug, fill half-way with milk, crush and place in the microwave for 1:30 minutes, serve with ice cream or custard whichever you prefer and there you go, a delicious cake in minutes.

5. Millie's cookies

We just couldn't leave this out, similar to the mug cake, here's a really simple recipe to make cookies that taste exactly like Millie's cookies!

6. Wrap 

This trick is so simple yet so effective. Take a classic wrap, your favourite ingredients, it could be sweet or savoury, and the only difference is the folding technique. Once you have your wraps this way you won't go back, that's for sure.