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Transforming mental health services for young adults

By QMHalls 10 May 2021


Community mental health services in Newham, Tower Hamlets and City & Hackney are changing. If you are 18-25 and would like to help us create better services for young adults, get in touch.

ELFT's People Participation team will connect you with opportunities to influence change. In return, we offer payment, training and support.
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What does ELFT stand for?

ELFT stands for East London NHS Foundation Trust.

What is People's Participation?

Peoples Participation is the way ELFT involves and works with service users, careers and local residents to improve services.

Am I eligible to get involved?

We are currently looking for young adults ages 18-25 who have experienced mental health difficulties, who live or have a GP in Tower Hamlets, Newham, City of London or Hackney.

If you are outside of this age range but keen to get involved, contact us anyway and we will connect you with the relevant people.

What sort of participation opportunities are there?

Opportunities include attending focus groups/ meetings/ workshops, joining interview panels for the recruitment of new staff, and designing and delivering training and resources alongside staff, to name a few.

Is this a job?

No, opportunities are ad-hoc and you can choose to participate in as many or few as you like.

Why should I get involved? How do I benefit from this?

Participation opportunities can be meaningful and empowering ways to get your voice and personal experience heard, and contribute to the improvement of services in your community. We also offer payment for your time, and learning opportunities to help you gain new skills.

How do I benefit from all of this?

We believe that by listening to and working with people with lived experience, we will be able to deliver better care and support to those who access our services.

If this sounds like something you would like to get involved with, please contact:

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