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Top Tips for Bike Security at Queen Mary

By QMResLife 30 Mar 2021

Cycling is a great way to get around and has many benefits, but it's also important to remember that being a bike owner could result in the possible risk of theft. 

Did you know? Nearly 400,000 bicycles are stolen in the UK every year – this is one every 90 seconds. So, to ensure you keep yourself and your bike safe, here are some Security Tips from our Queen Mary Crime Prevention Manager:

  • When out and about, park your bicycle in a well-lit place with a high footfall and CCTV cameras around – this will force a potential thief to perform in public.
  • Always lock your bicycle using two good quality locks, with one being a D-lock – 60% of all bike thefts occur when the owner did not secure their bike, either forgetting or thinking it was safe.

  • Position your bicycle as close to the parking stand as possible, ideally locking the frame and both wheels – this gives thieves very little to no room to manoeuvre with their tools.
  • Remove the removable bits – anything that cannot be secured to the bike frame permanently should be removed when you leave your bicycle. This includes such obviously detachable parts as lights but you might consider removing your seat as well.  
  • While you should definitely register your bicycle in a national database such as, you should also record it (taking detailed images and noting specific characteristics) and mark it (using an etching kit or asset marking) – the best solution is to make your bicycle appear less attractive by applying slightly crazy stickers, some duct tape to a seat and handlebars or creative paint colour combinations imitating dirt.  
  • Ultimately, you might want to insure your bicycle for extra peace of mind. 
  • Please also note that whilst on the campus, your bicycle should be parked in a dedicated parking area with the same locking principals applied you would use in a public space.

If you spot anything abnormal or anyone acting suspiciously around our cycling parking/storage facilities, please contact Security immediately on 020 7882 3333

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