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Residential Life

Top 5 Campus Movies

By DanielRA 31 Mar 2023

We’re all working through university at different stages and it’s good to have a way to laugh at the situations we find ourselves in.

It is said that ‘film is a mirror of reality, and it is a filter’- with that in mind I’ve written an article about my favourite films set on a campus!

Here are my top 5 films, ranked, set on a university campus:

Monsters University

A classic movie from Pixar back in 2013 looks at the origins of the friendship from the first movie.

Follows Mike and Sully, two monsters within a universe where screams generate power. We know that all ends well and the pair join each other within Monsters Inc however they didn’t start like that and originally had a rivalry trying to become top scarers.

A feel-good classic that brings a wholesome take on the origin story of these two characters.

IMDB rates it 7.2/10, I would rate it 9/10 for the nostalgia

22 Jump Street

A sequel to the original 2012 movie but instead of high school this time through college.

Going through college and separating into two different groups makes them question their friendship and whether they want to keep working together.

Solving cases and bringing justice to villains filled with comedic elements to create a versatile sequel.

IMDB rates it a 7.0/10, I would rate it 8/10 for the comedic elements which follow on from the first one perfectly

Pitch Perfect

A movie about an all-female a cappella group who try to make it to regionals. After some unfortunate circumstances and a lack of change.

The Bellas ignite a rivalry against The Treblemakers and work to bring themselves into the modern era.

A movie filled with classic songs and will get at least 3 stuck in your head for the rest of day.

IMDB rates it a 7.1/10, I would rate it 7/10 for the brining back of classic songs and musical talent shown


When a group of high schoolers get rejected from every other school, one decides to create their own university to hide this fact from his parents.

This turns into chaos when loads of students get accepted to a fake university and now must create classes and new methods of learning without any guidance from teachers.

A comedic movie which has an alternative approach to learning that gets questioned by the rest of society.

IMDB rates it a 6.4/10, I would rate it a 5/10 as it had ups and down but overall, I left without strong feelings towards each side.

Legally Blonde

When dumped by her boyfriend for not being serious Elle uses everything at her disposal to go to Harvard and become a top lawyer.

Originally looked down upon and with everyone thinking she will drop out she must push past the hate and transform to prove them all wrong.

When taking on a real case she figures out that there have been more than a couple of lies and in turn the truth comes out.

IMDB rates it a 6.4/10, I would rate it 8/10 with a strong message and had a final speed so good it inspired a president many years later. 


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