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The best study spots at the Mile End campus

By Diksha 16 Feb 2023

´╗┐Hi everyone, I'm Diksha and I wanted to share with you the best study spots at Mile End campus, watch my reel below to see what spaces are available to you ­čĹç

´╗┐Locations I visited include;

  1. Canalside (no. 63 on the campus map)
  2. Cafe Grad (no. 18 on the campus map)´╗┐
  3. Ground Cafe (no. 33 on the campus map)
  4. Library Space (no. 32 on the campus map)
  5. The Nest (no. 24 on the campus map)

Check out the campus map here.´╗┐

What are your favorite study spaces on campus?´╗┐

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Diksha Hello, I'm Diksha Sinha and I am pursuing a master's in marketing. I love creating content and am always keen to experiment and nurture my skills, keep an eye open for more content from me on the Residential Life platform!
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