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Tailgating Awareness Initiative - What is it?

By QMResLifeSimon 01 Feb 2024

Queen Mary Security and Residential Services have been working for some time on developing positive relationships between the Metropolitan Police and our students. You may have seen the Police recently in the Curve, offering crime prevention advice and personal safety items, along with friendly Police Officers patrolling the area in and around the campus.

In the coming weeks, Queen Mary Security and Residential Services will be inviting plain clothed Police Officers to support us in raising the profile of tailgating in and around halls. The Police Officers will walk in the Student Village and perimeter halls at Mile End, initially for a few hours, looking for potential risks which might impact residents. Their main focus will be the issue of tailgating – you can read more about it here. If they see it happening or are able to tailgate into one of the halls themselves, they will announce themselves to you, as a resident and explain the risk of allowing someone to tailgate in behind you.

The Police Officers:

  • Will not go into rooms, flats or communal areas beyond the entrance lobby
  • Will not take any personal details from residents – this is a an educational safety exercise rather than an attempt to discipline anyone allowing tailgating  
  • Will identify themselves with their badge and offer friendly on the spot crime prevention advice
  • Will actively listen to any safety and security concerns you have about the local area

The main purpose of this project is to reduce our exposure to tailgating but also to educate and familiarise new Police Officers with Queen Mary's environment and our needs.

If you have any comments or ideas, about this initiative, or around how to improve security of our local area, campus or residences, feel free to share them with us at

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