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Summer finances

By QMAdvice 29 Jun 2021

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This blog was written by the Advice and Counselling Service at Queen Mary.

Now the academic year has finished, take a moment to consider your finances over the vacation period.

With the opening up of retail and hospitality sectors once more, consider looking for work for summer to boost your income. Our Part-time and Vacation work advice guide has lots of advice and information about where to look for employment.

Whether you’re staying in London over summer or moving elsewhere why not use our budgeting resources, including a spreadsheet you can personalise, to work out what money you’ll need for basics like rent, food and travel. Savethestudent’s How to budget pages and the Moneytothemasses website have lots of helpful ideas to help you manage your money.  You can also use the same tools to start planning your budget for the new academic year so you can feel in control of your finances.

If you’ve left halls, and have paid for a TV licence, you can apply for a refund if you’re moving somewhere which already has a licence.

Have you been working part-time alongside your studies during the last tax year? If so, you might be eligible for a tax refund. Our Part-time and vacation work advice guide explains how to check this.

Does your summer budget show a deficit? Check out these ideas:

  • Have a look at our A-Z of money saving ideas full of ideas to help you reduce your spending
  • Make use of discounts and reductions you might be eligible for, like exemption from council tax, travel discounts and help with health costs
  • Research activities which are free, either in London, or check local listings for entry to museums and galleries in your home town

If you are in financial difficulty, or if you need debt advice, see our Dealing with debt webpage for advice about your options. There’s also lots of information on our Mental health and financial issues webpage for those who are feeling stressed by money.

The Advice and Counselling Service is open throughout the summer, so if you need advice about your finances, please do not hesitate to contact us.