Register now to vote in the General Election

Posted 1 month ago

Register by the 18 June!

The upcoming General Election lands on 4 July.

This is a great way for you, as students, to have your say over who should be running this country, but if you want to vote you have to register!  

Check your eligibility and register to vote online at

  • You can register even if you don't have a National Insurance number and you can register anonymously if you're concerned about safety. 
  • If you're a student with a different term time and home address in different local authorities, you can register at two addresses, but you can only vote once in a General Election. So think about where you’ll be when voting. Read more about voting as a student. 

Bring photo ID to vote  

As well as being on the electoral register, you also need to take proof of your identity to get a ballot paper at a polling station. Your name on your ID must match your name on the electoral register. Find out more about the accepted forms of ID needed to vote. 

If you don’t have an accepted form of photo ID, you can apply for a free voter ID document, known as a Voter Authority Certificate. This is recommended if you’re worried about using an existing form of ID for any reason, such as the use of a gender marker or if your appearance has changed.  

Please also remember that if for whatever reason you would rather present your ID to the officer at the polling station away from other people, you have the right to present it privately. You don't have to show your ID, or have your name read out in front of any members of the public if you don't want to. 

As an alternative, you can also choose to vote by post. 

Key dates  

  • 18 June: Register to vote deadline 
  • 19 June (5pm): Postal vote application deadline  
  • 26 June: Voter Authority Certificate application deadline  
  • 4 July: General election (polls open 7am-10am) 

If you want to vote, you have to have registered. The deadline to register is Tuesday 18 June. Register to vote now at