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Random acts of kindness

By QMHallsEllie 18 Nov 2020

We've all been in lockdown this year and as we know its not the easiest thing. So we've got some simple ways you can put a smile on someones face during these tough times.

Random acts of kindness can make the world of difference...

Send someone something funny

Whether it's a funny meme or a TikTok, sending a message that will make someone smile or laugh can really lift their mood. Letting someone know you are there and free to talk whenever will make a huge difference to someone who may be in isolation.

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Plan a video call with your friends

Getting something in the diary to look forward to can really help speed up the days in isolation. There are lots of different apps you can download for a group FaceTime with all your friends, so get organising, this is bound to put a smile on their face.

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Show some love

Remind someone how much you love and appreciate them, at times like this we need to hold our dearest close to us, dropping someone a text message or sending them a card will definitely make them smile.

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Write a letter

Everyone can send a text message, but let's be old fashioned and write everything down with a pen and paper. Things like letters can be kept for years and can mean so much, especially when they are from loved ones, they will be something you'll love to look back on in a couple of years.

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Donate to charity

Whether it's dropping food off at a food bank, completing an activity to raise money or donating money to charity, every little helps. Doing something for a good cause will put a smile on not only your face but the faces of those who you will be helping.

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Send someone something in the post

Receiving something in the post is exciting, especially when it's a surprise. It can be as small as a friendship bracelet or something you’ve seen online that someone might love, it doesn’t have to break the bank, but it can definitely cheer them up.

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