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Personalised living tips for guys

By QMResLife 01 Jul 2022

When you move into your uni digs, you’ll walk into a blank canvas which you can stamp your mark on to make your own home from home.

Kitting your bedroom out with an array of your favourite things can make the world of difference to your first independent space since flying the nest.

Here are just a few ideas to make the most of your man cave…

Hang up some posters/wall art

wall art

Hanging up posters or some art on your noticeboard will add some much-needed personality to your room. Here’s where you can display what’s important to you – your favourite place, favourite sports team, your favourite piece of art or whatever you want!

Fill your room with photos

polaroid photos on a wall

Are you a bit of a home bird? Then why not bring some of your favourite people and memories in the form of printed photos? These can help in the first few months when you’re making the transition into independent living. There are plenty of places that will print off photos from your phone such as Boots, Jessops and Kodak Express. Then simply frame them or stick them up on your noticeboard or desk. 

Add some plants

cactus plants in pots

House plants can literally bring your room to life. Check out your local plant shop and pick out a couple that you like the look of – if you’re a first-time buyer it might be best to find one that won’t be high-maintenance too. The shop owner will also be able to advise you on this. Check out this book on how not to kill your houseplant or opt for a fake one!

Buy an air freshener

a close up of a tiled wall

It’s not all about looks, you know. Lads’ rooms have a reputation for not being the most fragrant, so don’t leave it to chance and buy a sweet-smelling air freshener or even a diffuser. There are tons of options for the scent, so just make sure you really like it before you fill your room with it!

Get some nice bedding (and spares)

a bed with a blue background

Don’t be boring here and get the cheapest and plainest duvet set, because an aesthetically pleasing bedding area makes your space feel more homely and comfortable. Kit out your bed with an eye-catching duvet and fill it with as many cushions as you want – you’ll thank us when you’ve been up all night doing your coursework! Also, don’t forget to buy a few spare duvet sets as you’ll need to wash your bedding at some point!

Get some inspo!


Uni isn't always plain sailing and you might find life difficult sometimes, so it’s always a good idea to remind yourself why you’re here. Maybe there’s something that your parents have said to you that keeps you going, or there’s a place you want to live when you’re older, maybe even your dream car. Whatever it is that fuels your motivation, get it up on the wall to remind you!

Set a space for reminders


Are you always forgetting important dates? Maybe you often forget to defrost your dinner for the evening? Well, make sure you make it easier for you to remember by creating an area on your noticeboard where you can hang up post-it notes full of reminders, so you don’t forget everything. The last thing you want to do is forget a deadline!

Dim the (big) lights

a desk with a lamp

Lighting is very important. You don’t want to sit at your desk with the big light on. Grab yourself a couple of lamps from places like Wilko or B&M as they’ll sell them for cheap. Ideally, you’ll want a lamp in your workspace area and one by your bed. You can even hang battery operated fairy lights up around the walls if that floats your boat. 

You’ll be spending a while in this bedroom - at least make it look the part!  

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