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My Top 3 Study Tips

By AlessandraRA 05 Jan 2023

Hi everyone!

My name is Alessandra, I’m one of the Residential Assistants here at Queen Mary and I’m going to share my top 3 study tips with you.

Tip 1: Find the right environment for you

Whether that be the library or your room - for me it’s my room! Many of my friends can study effectively in the library but it just isn’t as productive for me, and I can never get 100% in the zone. Do what works for you! 😊

Tip 2: Look after your health and make a self-care routine

This is all about making sure you are looking after yourself – make time to do everything but study! I would argue the most important thing at uni is to prioritise your health. This includes getting enough sleep, eating enough (try and include fruit and veg in your diet as much as possible), staying hydrated and taking regular breaks! I personally like to go for a walk everyday – it helps me to clear my head and come back to studying fresh. It’s far more effective to study fewer hours and more effectively than slog away all day and stay up late. Never sacrifice your health for your studies!

Tip 3: Create a study schedule

Write everything you do in a week in one place! I use google calendar, but you can use a physical planner if that works better for you… It is essential to make the schedule flexible, so you don’t end up trying to study if you feel ill or tired. Don’t be hard on yourself - leave lots of blank spaces where you can socialize or study depending on how you feel and what you must get done on that day. For example, I leave Tuesday, Thursdays and Sundays evenings free for studying or relaxing.

I hope you guys found that helpful! I know that Uni can be a really challenging time and I’ve definitely had my struggles. If you are struggling, please go and get some help! Talk to someone: your academic advisor, your lecturers, your peers, your parents. There’s also an Advice and Counselling Service which I used last year and really helped me, plus the Residential Welfare Team are always there to offer a helping hand. 

Thank you for reading and good luck studying 😊

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AlessandraRA Hi! My name is Alessandra and I am studying Biomedical Sciences having done a Foundation Year last year. I grew up in South London and have come to Queen Mary as a mature student. Hope to see you around campus, please feel free to come and say hello!
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