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International students: Coping with missing home

By QMResLife 23 Aug 2020

Living in a different country can be tough. You may miss your family, friends or maybe just the weather from time to time...

This is normal and totally understandable.

If you're missing home, one of the ways to overcome this and feel more connected to home is by cooking some home dishes for yourself or for friends. If you've met other international students you could take it in turns to sample food from everyone's cuisines or just impress your new friends/flatmates with your culinary skills!

Why is this such a great idea? Well...

1. It'll take you back to happy memories at home with your family/friends eating your favourite food. This will put a smile on your face and remind you of everything you love about home.

2. It gives you an excuse to call your other relatives to refresh your memory on the recipes. You get to have a catch-up whilst you're on the phone too.

3. If you can get other people involved in this, it means that you get to eat your delicious home comforts AND you get to experience food from other parts of the world for FREE!

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4. Make the most of your time in the kitchen because cooking is enjoyable and relaxing and can really reduce any negative and unhappy feelings that you are experiencing. You'll be very satisfied when everyone ends up loving your food too!

5. It's a great way to socialise with the friends you've already made or get closer to your flatmates. You'll have a really fun night in that will take your mind off your homesickness and you could learn some more recipes to cook when you go home and share with your friends/family. 

6. Yes, you may learn new recipes but you can also show people how to cook your country's food too. The more dishes a student can cook the better and for many people, your traditional food will be a totally new experience.

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Food can cure a lot of things and hopefully, your homesickness will be one of those.

If you're still struggling with your homesickness, please speak to your Residential Life team or student support services who available to support you through these hard times.

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