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How to stay safe on a night out in London

By QMResLife 16 Oct 2022

Nights out in London can be amazing, but to make sure you have the best time you need to have one eye on the safety of yourself and your friends. 

With nights becoming longer over the next few months, it's vital you know how to keep yourself safe when you're out in London, and to always keep your wits about you at night. 

Here are 7 steps you and your group can take to help you all stay safer on nights out in the capital...

Stay together

Staying together on night out

Staying together with your friends greatly improves your safety, as the majority of crimes on nights out happen when a person has become separated. If there's a straggler in your ranks, try to make sure they stick with you! 

Never leave your drink unattended

drinks on table

Always keep your drinks with you, where you know where they are. This is because students are often victims of being spiked - where someone puts drugs in your drink to make you less conscious and more vulnerable. Don't accept drinks from strangers either. 

Remember, some Queen Mary buildings have a 24/7 security presence, so if you ever feel unsafe, lost or harassed, these safe spaces will have Security Officers that will be more than happy to help you.

Plan your route home before you go out

a person holding a cell phone

There's nothing worse than stumbling out of a club half-cut and wondering around the streets of London not knowing which way you need to go. Prevent this from happening by taking a look at where you're going on the night beforehand, and take a look at the route you need to take to get home. You can even leave the map open on your phone so when you want to go home you know exactly which way to go. 

Book a taxi

Ordering uber

Walking around London at night isn't safe, and what's more the city is huge! Save the effort and book yourself a taxi through apps such as Uber or Bolt. They turn up within minutes thanks to the sheer number of drivers and you know that they are reliable and reputable. The only taxis you can hail in London are black cabs, but they are typically more pricey. 

Walk in well-lit areas

well-lit areas

If you do decide to walk home - maybe if the club is only round the corner - stick to well-lit areas. Don't opt for those dodgy shortcuts to save a bit of time - stick to main roads and well-lit areas so you can see everything around you and you're in plain sight to passers-by too. 

Hide your valuables

Stealing a phone

Your friends will probably do some funny stuff when they're drunk but before you whip out your phone to show the world, think about your surroundings. You don't want to be advertising your valuables to people on the street, and when you're drunk you're much easier to target. 

Keep in touch with your friends

a woman sitting at a table using a phone

If for any reason some of your friends get split away from you on the way home, then it's best to check in on them by sending a text or call to make sure they made their way home safely. This will give you peace of mind that they're safe and they'll appreciate you checking in on them.

Have fun but remember to be safe!

We hope you all enjoy a fun and safe night out but should an incident occur, don't forget, you can report it via the Queen Mary Report + Support webpage. 

Need more advice about staying safe in London?

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