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How to Deal with Your Unwanted Items Before You Leave Halls

By QMResLife 18 Aug 2023

Moving out of halls?

If you were unable to donate your unwanted items to the Queen Mary Student Unions’ Re-use Fair during our collection period this spring, here are some alternative places you can go to and some practical advice to help you deal with them in the most sustainable way.

Give-away platforms

You can post your items on free give-away platforms to be collected:

Duvets and Pillows

Unfortunately, whilst we encourage you to give away duvets and pillows via the above platforms, duvets and pillows are not widely recycled. Instead, you should dispose of it in your household waste bin, or at your local recycling center.

We are currently not aware of charities accepting duvets and pillows.

Recycling search 

London Recycles is a great website to find out about all your recycling needs. This is a great way to find out about recycling electronics or other items you might not be sure about.

You can: 

Clothes, shoes, and bags

Several charities and organisations will offer free collection or postage of clean, wearable clothes: 

Donating your unwanted items can be super simple, make sure to check out all the options available before just putting everything in the bin!

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