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How to book rooms on campus

By QaziRA 11 Apr 2023

Hi pals! I am your fellow resident and residential assistant Qazi. 

Nobody likes it when you walk into the library and see that there’s no room for you or the noise level is just not tolerable. We all love to see campus alive with people, but sometimes finding a space on campus can be a challenge, and then on top of that sometimes we need a space that resonates with our mood or matches our vibe.

When I came to university, I didn’t know of a lot of spaces I could book on campus.

How to book rooms on campus

You can book rooms on campus by clicking here  

This link lets you book spaces in the library for individual and group study subject to availability. You can select any available time slots at your desired space and book them by giving your details and university email. You will get an email to confirm your booking and it's as simple as that.  

You can find more information on available spaces here either bookable or accessible without booking at the university including the medical campus so it’s worth giving a look.

Here's a map of all university campuses 

There are bookable study spaces not just at Mile End but on the Whitechapel Campus too!

Also, as a resident on campus don’t forget to use spaces at your house like kitchen or garden (if you are lucky enough to have one like Floyer House or Dawson Hall residents!).

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