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Guidance regarding when to call 999 for an Ambulance

By QMResLifeSimon 16 Feb 2023

The NHS urgent and emergency care services are currently facing unprecedented demand, it is therefore important for all to remember that you should only call 999 if it is a medical or mental health emergency (when someone is seriously ill, or their life is at risk). Please see NHS guidance on when to call 999.

Ambulances will still be able to respond in these situations, but this may only be where there is an immediate risk to life.

Anyone who needs urgent care should use NHS 111 online or call NHS 111 to be assessed and directed to the right care.

People should take advice from 111/999 call-handlers on whether there are circumstances where it is suitable for casualties to make their own way to hospital.

If you feel unwell, you should not call an ambulance in the first instance. You should call 111 and seek medical advice, they will advise you of the next course of action to take.

France House Residences Reception is open 24/7 and is a point of contact for residents seeking assistance, they can be contacted on 020 7882 6470.

Residents at Aspire Point can also contact their Reception on 07795 043828.

Please also see our article on contacting Queen Mary Security if you find yourself in an urgent situation where you require immediate assistance.

All residents are advised to save emergency contact numbers in your phone, so you have them to hand in the event you need assistance.

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