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Give these 7 outdoor sports a go

By QMHalls 17 Apr 2021

On 29th March, the second step on the roadmap to easing lockdown restrictions was actioned, meaning outdoor exercise is now allowed in groups of up to 6 people or two households. 

This means that we can take advantage of the sunny weather, meet with friends outside and enjoy a spot of sport, whether that be organised sport or just messing about at the park. 

If you're stuck for ideas on what to try, we've got some suggestions below... 


All outdoor courts are now open and that includes ones in parks. So if you're heading to the park with your friends and have a racket and a ball lying about the house, take them with you! If you don't have any, there are some great deals on tennis rackets at Sports Direct with some selling for as little as £12.99. Tennis is a great summer sport and is ideal for doubles too. 


a group of football players playing a football game

The nation's favourite sport is an ideal one to try as all you need is a football and a friend or two to kick it to. If you're just looking for a kickabout then take a ball with you on your next outing to the park, but if you want something a bit more serious, why not join a 5-a-side team? Centres have just opened up and down the country and you can either enter you and your friends as a team to a league or register yourself as a player so that when teams are short of a player, you can play for them. 


a toy bat

Rally up a group of friends (up to 6) for a game of rounders in the park. Rounders is a lot of fun and a perfect game to get everyone involved in. All you'll need is a rounders kit like this one from Amazon which has a bat, ball, 4 markers and a handy bag to carry it in!


a group of people playing a game of basketball

Like tennis, outdoor basketball courts are now open to the public, meaning that you can turn up at a court and just play. The rule of 6 obviously still applies so if you want to have a match with your friends, the most you can have on each team is a 3v3 which isn't so bad - it just means you have to do a bit more running! The courts may be in high demand which might see you have to stick up one end of the court and take shots at one net. Struggling to find a court near you? 


a woman throwing a frisbee

Frisbee is ideal for groups of 2 to 6, which means you can play with your partner or a group of friends. It's a perfect activity for a hot day too as it doesn't take too much effort, meaning you won't be getting too sweaty! Frisbees are cheap as chips so you won't be breaking the bank to give it a go either. You can get one for just £1.50 at Smyth's Toy Store


a person running in a park

We've been able to go for a run throughout the lockdown, but that doesn't mean we have to stop now we can do other sports does it? Under the new restrictions we can go for a run with more of our friends now so next time you put on your running gear, drop your friends a message to see if they'd like to join you. It's a fantastic way to improve your fitness, see your friends and it also doesn't require any equipment! 

Outdoor yoga

Outdoor yoga

This isn't strictly a sport, but it's a very good activity that has become part of some people's routines during lockdown - and why not take it outside and enjoy the sun?! Yoga helps you to practice mindfulness which has been very important over the last year or so, and also helps to keep you fit. You can take your mat down the park with your friends or join a class where you can also meet new, like-minded people. 

Some local parks and facilities close to campus include;

  • Mile End Park - includes Astro & 3G football pitches and netball & tennis courts
  • Victoria Park - includes football pitches, cricket wickets and practice nets, tennis courts and a bowling green
  • QMSU Sports programme with events on site

Whatever you choose to do, remember to have fun with it! 


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