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Getting Ready for Ramadan: Ramadan Survey

By QMResLife 18 Jan 2024

With Ramadan fast approaching, we are making arrangements to support the residents who observe Ramadan. One of the ways we are planning to do this by is offering Iftar and Suhoor meals.

Suhoor Meals:

The meals will be frozen and can be reheated when ready to eat. Each week you will be able to pre-order the meals through the online shop and collect them at The Curve at Mile End.

We will provide more information about this in the upcoming weeks.

Iftar Meals:

The Iftar meal events will take place once a week at different accommodation sites. For example, during Week 1, the Iftar event will be held at the Mile End campus, and during Week 2 it will be held at our FMD sites. Only residents from the respective buildings can attend the events, this means only Floyer House and Dawson Hall residents can attend the Iftar meal event in week 2.

We need your help deciding what meals to serve at each of these events.

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