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Esther's Blog: 4 ways to boost your mood

By QMStudentEsther 02 Mar 2021

Mental Health is a subject that is now being spoken of more than ever. There is still a lot of negative stigma that comes with it, but I feel like people are now more open to talking about it.

Personally, being able to talk to my friends has helped us a lot. I am the kind of person that can spend a long time in my own company, but I know many people who cannot. It is nice to have people who you are able to call and play games with. 

Instead of wallowing, I want us to just look after ourselves and keep our minds at ease. So, here are some ways to boost your mood 😊.

  1.  Watch a TV Series.
    I know we have work to do but we cannot be working 24/7. Take breaks, relax in-between working hours. A YouTuber I watch has recommended an awesome anime-doro technique - like Pomodoro but watch anime when you rest [or anything else really that is no longer than 20 minutes]. The technique definitely helps to decrease the number of shows on your watchlist whilst keeping you productive.
  2. Write! Write! Write!
    I was reading some of my “scribbles” a few days ago and began to wonder just exactly what was going through my mind in that instant. I feel like writing can be progressive. It helps us to reflect on ourselves and acts as an outlet for whatever emotion is piling up inside. Write what you feel, write what you see e.g. a duck walking in a funny manner, two people walking down the canal, the 15th delivery guy in the past hour. Write ANYTHING!
  3. Music.
    Will it really be me writing if I did not talk about music once? Music may not be for everyone, but if it is your thing, have a one-person silent disco. Dance like no one is watching – because literally no one is. Have fun. Dancing helps reduce levels of cortisol (stress hormone) in the body and increases levels of our feel-good hormones. Mission accomplished.
  4. Laugh.
    Seriously. Take a seat (with good posture), a deep breath in. Out. Clutch your stomach and laugh as hard as you can. Laughter has been proven many times to be the perfect medicine for the mind. It helps to boost mood, calm anxiety, and just overall put someone in a much better place.

I want you to remember that if you are not feeling ok, that is OK. Keep in mind that you are not alone and there is always someone who is willing to listen to you, laugh with you, and cry with you. If you struggled before and are much better, I am so happy for you. Do not let anyone look down on you because of your past struggles.

A musician I admire once said (and I will be rephrasing in context), “Yesterday’s me may have struggled, and today I may be a bit better, but yesterday’s me is still me and I am proud of them. Tomorrow, I may struggle again, or I may be more open to talk about my mental state,  but tomorrow’s me will still be me- Just a wiser version.”

I want us all to not see mental health as a fault, but as something that makes us stronger versions of ourselves.

Until next time, repose and rest.

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