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Do you know the fire assembly point for your hall?

By QMHalls 02 Mar 2022

As well as being aware of fire safety in your hall, it’s important you know what to do and where you should go once you exit the building during a fire alarm. Continue reading below so you know why it is important to move to the correct assembly point.

Why do we have Assembly Points?

Fire Assembly Points are temporary gathering areas where it can be immediately determined if everyone is out of the building. They are located well away from the building affected so that the cause of the alarm can be investigated, while ensuring your safety.

What should I do when the fire alarm sounds?

When the fire alarm sounds, you should follow the evacuation procedure for your building immediately. Information on the steps and where to assemble is located on the back of your bedroom door and in other areas in your flat and hall. Ensure you are aware of this and that you leave and move to your assembly point when the alarm sounds.

Where is my assembly point?

The assembly points for halls located at Mile End, Charterhouse Square and Whitechapel are provided below.

Residents of Aspire Point and Sherren House should familiarise themselves with the arrangements for these halls by following the information provided within your room and speaking with the local halls team if there are any queries regarding this.

When can I return to the building?
You should not re-enter any building you have evacuated from until you are informed it is safe to do so by the Queen Mary Security team.

Queen Mary Residential Building Fire Assembly Points

Mile End Campus

Godward Square for:

  • Albert Stern Cottages
  • Albert Stern House
  • Ifor Evans Place

Queens’ Building Lawn for:

  • Lindop House

Outside The Curve for:

  • Beaumont Court
  • Chapman House
  • Chesney House
  • Creed Court
  • France House
  • Lodge House
  • Selincourt House

Outside France House for:

  • Feilden House
  • Lynden House
  • Maurice Court
  • Maynard House
  • Pooley House
  • Varey House

Outside Withy House for:

  • Stocks Court
Whitechapel Campus

45-53 Philpot Street for:

  • Floyer House
  • Varden Street
Charterhouse Square Campus

The Green for:

  • Dawson Hall

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