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Consent Matters

By QMResLife 29 Aug 2020

An essential part of our commitment to making Queen Mary safe and respectful for all is in helping everyone to have a clear understanding of sexual consent.

We want our campus to stay safe and we all have a responsibility to help keep it that way.  Complete our online module, ‘Consent Matters’, to learn how to recognise and ask for sexual consent, look out for others on campus, and where to find support if you need it.

Consent is understood as agreeing by choice and having the freedom and capacity to make that choiceConsent is not simply the absence of a ‘no’. It is affirmative and enthusiastic, and it can be withdrawn at any time. Put simply, sex without consent isn’t sex, its sexual violence.

Complete the course here. We expect all students to complete this by 2nd October.

Sexual harassment and violence can happen to anyone; it is never the fault of the person experiencing it.  If you have experienced sexual harassment or violence you have the right to report it and access support.

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