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Climate Crisis: Let Us Stop Wasting Energy

By QMResLife 10 Nov 2021

Climate change is one of the major environmental, social, and economic challenges that we currently face. Greenhouse gases (GHGs) emitted from human actions are the main causes of climate change.

The increased frequency of the occurrences of extreme weather conditions, disruptions from forest fires, drought, flooding, and conflicts over natural resources disproportionately affect the poor and most vulnerable including women and children.

The video below highlights some of the impacts and consequences of climate change.

According to the Climate Change Committee, the GHGs emitted from buildings accounts for 34% of the UK’s carbon footprint. Therefore, every action aimed at reducing and if possible, eliminate building energy wastage will contribute towards reducing the impacts of climate change

As part of our “Climate Emergency: Let Us Stop Energy Wastage” campaign, we are encouraging all students to:

 Turn off lights before you leave your room or if you are the last to leave your lecture room

 Use the radiators to adjust the temperatures within their rooms instead of opening windows when the heating on

  Turn down the heating before leaving their rooms

 Turn off your PC, monitors and laptops and unplug your charger when you are not using them

 Avoid water wastage, by turning off taps whilst brushing their teeth

We are inviting all students to join us in our campaign to reduce and if possible, eliminate building energy wastage across our campuses. Let us know the changes that you are individually or collectively making at #qmulletusstopenergywastage. In addition, to become involved in our environmental sustainability get in touch on

To find out more about sustainable development and earn a qualification along the way, make sure to register for the free online module which is open to all students and can be completed in your own time. To register, email for a link.

You can also get involved in Green Mary - Queen Mary's free sustainability student group who run projects on campus, please sign up via this form

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