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Climate Crisis: Easter Switch-Off Campaign

By QMHalls 04 Apr 2022

It is that time of the year again that we all look forward to celebrating Easter with our friends, families, and loved ones.

This means our campuses will become less active which gives us an opportunity to significantly reduce energy wastage across our campuses.

We are aware that the energy used across our campuses accounts for 76% of our carbon footprint and our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and GHG are the causes of climate change. As part of our commitment to respond to the challenges associated with climate change, we have over the last 18 months invested approximately £3 million in energy efficiency and carbon reduction projects across our UK campuses. These projects will contribute to the delivery of our six-year, 30% carbon reduction target and long-term net-zero aspiration.

We are appealing to all members of our community (staff and students) not to be bystanders in the collective fight against climate change. 

If you're heading off-campus for the Easter closure, it's important to ensure:

  • All windows are closed and secured
  • The lights in all bedrooms and kitchens are switched off
  • All portable electric heaters are unplugged
  • The thermostats of all heaters are turned down
save energy

We want everyone to be involved in our “Easter Switch-off” campaign as climate change is the greatest threat to the environment and humanity. The projected impacts of GHG emissions continuing in the current trend across Europe are that by 2030:

  • The number of people affected by flooding would increase from 160,000 per annum to 290,000 per year
  • The economic damage to private homes, infrastructure and industry could double
  • Forest fires could burn an area of 800,000 hectares
  • Heat-related deaths could rise to circa of 200,000

Therefore, every action we take that contributes to reducing and eliminating energy wastage will certainly reduce the consequences of climate change.

For further information about good energy practices and to share your contribution to stopping energy wastage and reducing GHG emissions, contact us at

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