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Arriving at Queen Mary soon?

By QMHalls 13 Sep 2021

Endsleigh Live is back for a second episode...

After a challenging academic year, you’d be forgiven for being a bit apprehensive for the upcoming year…but Endsleigh is here to tell you everything you need to know to be prepared for starting or REstarting university this year!

In the second episode of Endsleigh’s mini-series, Student Minds give expert advice on how students can look after their mental health and Endsleigh share bitesize tips on how students can keep themselves and their stuff safe while at uni.

What is Endsleigh?

Endsleigh is the UK No.1 student insurance provider, they provide a level of cover for your possessions whilst living in Queen Mary halls.

If you missed the first episode, watch it here.

Also, don’t forget to confirm your cover with Endsleigh by downloading the My Endsleigh app or visiting the website to be in with a chance to win £50 every week for the next year! To confirm your cover click here.


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