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5 ways to increase your motivation

By QMResLife 27 Nov 2020

Now the clocks have gone back and the mornings and evenings are getting darker, it can be tough to drag yourself out of bed and find the motivation to take on the day.

If you're lacking motivation and are not feeling very productive as a result, consider these 5 steps: 

Set yourself small, measurable goals
Rather than heading straight for your bigger, end goal set yourself smaller, more achievable goals. That way when you reach the end of one task, you'll instantly feel satisfied which will increase your motivation to continue on the path towards your ultimate focus.

Write it down 
A reminder of what you're working towards is key to ensuring you don't get distracted from your overall goal. The best way to ensure you stay on track is by writing your key aims down and sticking them somewhere you can see them on a regular basis.

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Take breaks
Don't consider a break to be a luxury, you NEED them. And by a break, that's not sitting scrolling on your phone. You need to do something that will distract you from what you're doing, whether it's a quick walk or even a trip to the fridge, it's important to distance yourself for a while to avoid burning out.

Fuel your body
Hunger can be a real enemy of motivation. If you're thinking about food, the likelihood is you won't be focussing on the task in front of you. Likewise, eating too much can make you lethargic so getting the right balance is important.

Having some healthy snacks available will help keep hunger at bay and increase your productivity and motivation. Consider stocking up on snacks such as berries, nuts and yoghurt to reach for throughout the day.

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Switch on some music
Blasting your favourite song can be an instant pick-me-up and is the perfect way to inject some energy into your day. Why not put together a morning playlist of your favourite songs to help you start the day off right. It will set the tone for the day and has so many other benefits:

  • Reduces stress
  • Improves memory
  • Increases happiness

Not everybody can be switched on and full of energy every day and there will be days when you just want to chill and watch TV (and that's ok!) Motivation drives your productivity so adding some of these steps to your daily routine will keep your motivation up and help you achieve great things! 

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